It has begun! A fighting tournament and fanfic extravaganza! Root for your favorite characters in a series of fanfics where YOU call the shots. In the spirit of the Multiverse Video Fighter's Council, Dream Warriors and other such crossover voting tournament epics, we proudly present possibly the strangest gathering of freaks and weirdos ever seen by human optic nerves. Underdogs and comic relief characters, normally stomped into paste in round one, gather alone in competition for the ultimate prize : to replace GOD.
Superdeformed Kawaii'ers!

Superobscure Fighters!
Complete : 7/14/97
 Round One
Round Complete : 7/14/97
 Round One-- Results
Results Complete : 9/15/97
 Round Two
Round Complete : 10/1/97
Round Two-- Results
Results Complete : 10/24
Round Three
Round Complete : 10/29
Round Three-- Results
Results Complete : 11/12
Round Four
Round Complete : 11/13
Round Four-- Results
Results Complete : 12/1
Tournament Complete : 12/2

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